I am trying to find out if i could be pregnant. My last period was Nov. 24th and for the past week i've experienced some crazy things. Noticed these pronounced blue veins on my breasts, been nauseous, feeling 'hung over' all the time, extremely fatigued, terrible headaches, very moody, and now having severe and unusual cramping... Went to ER and they did pelvic exam, urinalysis and an ultrasound. The tests came back neg for pregnancy, but they didnt do any blood work. And they said the tests would not show pos this early... But they did find an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. Never had one before, and wondering if it could be that i got this cyst because i am pregnant! I know i have to wait a couple more wks to see if i start my period, but this is driving me crazy! Any thoughts or ideas??????