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All 4 of the HPT's I've taken are negative; however, I continue to have all of the classic pregnancy symptoms. I also have an ovarian cyst, and history of having cysts regularly, but have never had a missed period or sickness from the cysts. Is it likely the tests are negative due to the cyst and that I am pregnant?


Hi, with my second pregnancy I had negative tests a lot of pinching and cramping down there, they found my hgc by blood test and thought I was having an eptopic, by scan they found a large cyst AND a baby at 8 weeks who was born healthy. I had no pregnancy symptoms though.I am now going through the same thing again, pinching and cramps... I do have nausea this time though and I also had bleeding for 3 days that was half the usual period volume. This arrived 5 days late. I would be 6 weeks now but, I am testing negative even though I feel pregnant.... good luck x