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Im 15 and recently the doctor said i am 20 pounds overweight for my height. I was very skinny for most of my life because I played soccer and ran, but I hurt my ankle so I cant do as much as I used to. Any ideas of how i can lose weight, Please need ADVICE!!!!


Eat healthy foods. Of your daily % values: Less than 30% should be fat, 15-20% should be protein, and 55-60% should be carbs. ** Your energy comes from carbs first, then fats, then proteins.**

Don't eat within two hours before going to bed--for example, if you go to bed at 9, the last time you should eat is 7.

Also don't forget to excerise. There are plenty of things that you can do that would not put strain on you ankle. Make sure you are also lifting weights--it will add tone to your "new" body. **REMEMBER: You need to burn more calories that you take in.**

Eat you fruits and veggies.

You might even want to start taking a multivitamin.

Drink LOTS and LOTS of water. Water will help you feel full and stay hydrated!!

I would try eating a 200 cal. breakfast, a 100 cal. snack, a 300 cal lunch, a 100 cal. snack, a 400 cal. dinner, and a another 100 cal. snack.

You have to keep food in your body. If you let yourself get hungry your metabolism fluctuates and it will make it harder to lose weight.

By the way, a healthy weight loss is .5-2 lbs. a week, so be safe!!

I hope I've helped!!


I'm not an expert in this but what I do is to eat breakfast healthly like an egg, some vegies, and some meat. It's ok to eat a lot in breakfast because in the morning it's less likely to gain weight if you eat a lot.

For lunch, I eat an average amount of food. Red rice or bean rice, vegetables and meat. But make sure the meat doesn't have a lot of fat in it and don't eat too much at lunch.

For dinner, you can either don't eat anything or eat an apple or eat some vegies such as cucumbers because dinner is the meal where you can easily gain weight on. (my rule is to finish dinner before 6:00pm so it's less likely to gain a lot of weight).

For snacks, I eat fruits such as oranges and apples.
And for drinks I drink homemade juices. (don't add sugar, even if it's sour).

Drink lots of water. It's healthy and it keeps you from eatting a lot of food.

And of course, make sure you at least do fast walking for an hour on the running machine, or even on the streets in the morning to keep in shape =).