My name is Joseph, had 165 pounds, lost 21 pounds and managed to keep it off since the last one year. Besides my cholesterol level has come down, skin rashes have eased, body fat and visceral fat are in the excellent stage. Energy level has really boosted as I didn't felt any jet lag on my 12 hours flight recently.

Loosing weight is not so easy as it need constant dedication and desire. The basic of weight loss is to eat healthy by cutting fat foods intake and supplementing nutritional foods. As everyone know eating raw vegetables, fruits, avoiding high carb and fried foods, red meat etc are good options. But the question is how you can keep it up continuously specially on a busy schedule of work, study, travel etc. Eating just one or two fruits is not enough as the benefits are different from each other. Besides the quality of food we get from supermarkets are also accountable.

I tried several options before but was not successful until I managed to find a product which is based on cellular nutrition and have proven science behind it. Seeing my success, my wife also started on the product and the result was great for her. She then recommended it to her mother who was suffering from severe rheumatoid arthritis, Blood pressure, cholesterol, skin issues, numbness, low energy etc. Her result was also significant improvement as within one month most of her ailments have either reduced or eliminated. Her energy level has increased to many folds as well.

My daughter was diagnosed with autism and I have tried many products and therapies for her but there was no significant improvement. I gave these products to her as well and the result was just amazing. Her school has also recognised her improvement.

These are just some of my personal experiences to share with you all.