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My 9 year old daughter has gained significant weight prior to diagnosing Hashimoto's. The disease is now under control but she is still overweight. She is active but eats compulsively. She eats similar quantities to her peers but needs to lose approx. 10 lbs to be at her ideal weight. I don't want her to end up with an eating disorder though at this critical age. The rest of our family is not as overweight as she is. Her siblings are skinny and her mother (me) is about 10 lbs. over "ideal" weight. Her dad is slim. Any suggestions?


Did you consider going to the nutritionist? This could be better and definitely healthier way than to try some unproven diets. My sister who was overweight managed for some reasonable time to lose 15 Ibs. After her visit to his office he made some tests and after results she had tough choices to make. Her favorite foods are sweets off course and that was the only thing she had to give up. White sugar was the only thing her metabolism couldn’t digest as fast as it should so she had to give up a lot of things. But in just three months we all saw changes.

Now she is fit and very satisfied with her weight but she doesn’t eat sweets. Sometimes she takes some but not with white sugar.

I hope this was helpful.