The Britons got even more worried over obesity rise in their country when they realized that as a nation they ate a tone of potato chips every three minutes. This makes enough to fill an Olympic size swimming pool every 14 hours. Should they be worried? They sure should.

It was found that one in five of the children they questioned had potato chips twice a day or more. British Heart Foundation reported that one pack of chips a day is an equivalent of five liters of cooking oil a year. The Foundation is very worried over these figures and the daily dose of such a high-fat. They released all of these figures in an effort to educate the public about the amounts of salt, fat and sugar they are consuming without being aware of it.

British Heart Foundation conducted a survey of 1,153 children aged between 8 and 15 and found that around 49 % of youngsters had at least one pack of potato chips a day. They are very worried about the long-term effects of consumption of excessive amounts of unhealthy foods.