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Does anyone know why or what causes body pain after surgery. I am 9 wks post op from anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. I have body pain mostly in my legs, they are achy and I feel a burning warm sensation. I still need norco and soma to function and hate the stigma that goes with that. Today I was belittled by my supervisor for being in pain and needing to leave early. I have read a lot of posts on this site and feel worried that I will always have problems and pain because of my decision to have the surgery which was successful in curing my nerve pain.


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Hello, SheCor.

You hadn't said anything about your postoperative visits to the surgeon. What did he said to you about success of the operation? Are there any exercises you should do?  Did you wear protective collar or something similar? What he said about going back at work? 

Because, as I know, leg pain isn't connected to the ACDF. It sounds like a problem with lower spine. 

Did you said to your surgeon anything about it? And when did it started? 

I recommend that you tell surgeon about leg pain and maybe a need for some radiology studies of your lower spine. 

I hope that you'll soon be well. Cheers!