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I think I slept in the one spot for too long a week ago and maybe pinched a nerve in my left shoulder. I can feel a pinching sensation on my left shoulder between neck and top of arm. I get an ache in the outer hollow of my elbows, up my arms, across my shoulder blades, into my spine, up the sides of my neck and into my jaw/back teeth. The ache is deep with an associated sense of weakness if that makes sense - and nearly drives me to distraction if i don't take pain relief quick enough. Physio and massage have helped a little but it still comes at regular intervals, wakes me of a night for hours. I apply heat and I'm swallowing ibuprofen and codeine when i feel it coming on but all it does is alleviate the pain for awhile. My masseur suggested it might be coming from my jaw, my physio focussed on shoulders and neck. I'm at a loss.....any thoughts would be most appreciated as it is becoming quite distressing and has given me an insight into what people with chronic pain go through.


Find a good (reputable) chiropractor.   He will fix this!