ok Ladies need help understanding this.. after my MC i have been taking clomid for two months now. i was suppose to start my periods today but i missed. so i did a test which came back BFN.. i have never missed my periods before.. b4 mc they use to come on 30th but now they always come on 18th.. and i always have spotting starting from 15-16th of every month and then proper cycle on 18th.. i saw some pink line in yellow discharge on 15th only once. i thought i started my cycle. but after there was nothing again on 16th i saw a pink line in a similar way. i have been having this discharge. but the worst thing is i have been having lower pelvic and back pain since tuesday especially since we had intercourse. it was bit strong as i am not really expecting to be pregnant. but now i have this pain in my middle area almost as if something touch my cervix i will scream. and i am having pain in the back as well. my left inner thigh is in pain and i feel pain in my knee as well this pain sometimes actually appear in the middle of the night when i am deep sleep. my part above the cervix feels as if i have to urinate. and its kind of hurting as well. today we had a birthday party i stood for like good 4 hours when i came back home i thought i started my cycle but instead i had alot of yellow discharge and then i had about very tiny spot of blood in it. these spots are like i wouldn't even notice them. but because i don't know whats happening with my body so i keep an eye on everything happening. i can't go to doctor not until i wait good one week to see if my AF appears or i get positive pregnancy. because at the end he will just give me some medication. i have also been having some pain left kidney area or muscle area. i am just hoping its IBS as i have been diagnosed with that.. i have got a diarrhoea as well. and i feel may be its air.. 
what do you think it could be?