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Hello, I've been really stressing here the wait is taking too long. I had my period on December 2nd, everything was normal. My next cycle is not scheduled until the 30 which is my 28th day... Every month for the past year it has come exactly 28 days apart. BUTTT, for some reason or another I'm not having that same system this month.

On the 13th of December I had some light pink spotting this lasted for a few hours then there was nothing. A couple days later same thing only this time it was dark brown and smells a little funny. Went to the doctor on the 15th to be tested for STD's and GREAT NEWS I'm clean :)... Its a little early to do a HPT so i have yet to do so.

December 20th felt like my normal cycle... cramping, major pain in my lower back and abdomen along with bleeding which lasted a few hours and I only had to use 1 tampon. The blood was still dark brown so I'm thinking ok maybe just an early cycle. Well, the next couple of days nothing, nothing and nothing. 24th a little pink spot came to visit me again. Now nothing but pain in my back and abdomen...

If theres any one out there reading this PLEASE HELP!!!!


Our bodies don’t really function like a clock, there are number of things that have effect on us and when it comes to menstrual cycle it’s probably the most sensitive to all these changes. Most of reasons that can delay or change time between two periods are nothing overly dangerous – weight loss or weight gain, even the small one, stress, unusual events and even flu or cold. It’s not uncommon for woman to have short pink spotting like you had at the exact time of ovulation. You were tested negative for STDs and if this doesn’t happen again you really have nothing to worry about. I mean, your period isn’t even late. Just stop stressing out, that doesn’t help you at all.