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Hi. I have been having some problems for awhile now and have looked up everything I can on line, seen doctors, and am getting nowhere.
I had a bad fall due to a prescription being mis-prescribed (this was a year 1/2 ago). This resulted in an orthoscopic surgery in my hip due to chronic hip pain. The Dr. Re-attached cartlidge, sewed up laberal tears and had to shave off some bone in the socket area. So, after this surgery, I began to get better for about a month, then new symptoms began. My lower back is in severe chronic pain. It hurts incredibly to bend over and I, often, have to call my husband to help me get back up. Standing for more than 3-5 minutes at a time is unbearable. I walk with crutches and sometimes even need a wheelchair again (I used this with the hip issues). Always, it aches and I have a hard time sleeping, sitting, standing - anything. It hurts constantly but is always worse at night. Also, I get frequent night sweats which wake me up when I finally DO get to sleep. I shake almost constantly. I thought this may be due to hypoglycemia, as my dad had this; but, it only calms a little once I eat something. The shakiness is most profound in my hands but is sometimes all over my body - even felt inside. I have difficulty urinating and am constipated quite often. I have very odd menstral bleeding: I have had irregular cycles all my life but these are espiecially odd. I can go 2 -3 months with no period, or 3 weeks - always, though, the period can last up to 3 or 4 weeks. I always feel bloated and do have some abdominal pain.
Now, I do take Lamictal and Valium for what is debtaed to be either a seizure disorder or manic depression - and anxiety seprate from the other two. However, I have been on these drugs for 6 years, ahve suffered none of those symptoms since, and never suffered symptoms like these. I also take percocet, ibuprofen, adavan, and flexor for the pain in my back. I would say the shakiness could easily be due to these, but along with the other symptoms, I am not so sure.
I have found on line these symptoms can be due to ovarian cancer. I had three leep surgeries done 14 years ago, due to pre-cancerous cervical findings, but have had no issues since that procedure. I was checked by my OBGYN: they foung extra cell membrane on my ovaries caused by a tubal ligation, so they said, but no cancer as far as they could see.

These symptoms are only getting worse and have become dibilitating. I can't continue physical therapy for the hip, due to the pain, and am unable to excersize but mildly. I am scared and completely at a loss as to what to do anymore.
If anyone has any suggestions or information, I would be ridiculously greatful to hear it all!



Hi there I'm really sorry that you're afraid of getting cancer, but it sounds to mel ike your OBGYN has already checke you out to make sure that you don't have it. If you do, then they must have completely missed it! Here is my suggestion--if you are still concerned about it, ask for a second opinion. If they tell you that you're fine at the second opinion you should be totally fine. What do you think about that?