my names dan, and im 16 years old.
for the past 3 yrs i have been getting this on and off pain in my lower right stomach. feels like a pulled muscle or nerve. i went to doctors had ultrasound and xrays and they found nothing. it can completely go away, but comes back when i play sports or even when im just sitting down doing nothing. please tell me what this is.
also lately my right testicle is higher then my left and feels bruised. it feels really uncomfortable. if u look at it my penis goes to right because the testicle hold it up. its not painful or anything, but feels bruised and annoying. i dont know if its got to do with a little groin soreness i have on the right. the bruise feeling also sometimes sparks a pain to my lower right stomach where i usually get pains.
please someone help me. i just want to have a normal 16 yr olds pyhsical body like i used to.
thank you