Ok so about 7 weeks ago, I began feeling a dull ache in my right lower abdomen below my belly button and above my pens, I began having this feeling after a trip to a theme park. It wasn't too unbearable so I rid it out a bit and went to the Doctors 2 weeks later. Where he told me it was likely a muscle strain in my groin perhaps from the theme park, he checked for a hernia and found nothing. He did order a blood test and urinary test but those were for a different problem as he though I had polyurus due to my excessive need to go to the toliet at the time, this has cleared now.

Ignorantly I did not go for either test because I have been busy what with college work and a new job. And now I barely get the ache (only the occasionally when I sit down at my laptop), but over the 7 weeks I have been constantly checking my testicles for lumps, and I am a little uncertain whether I have a lump on my right testicle or not. The area it is in is at the top when I do the test and as far as I can remember (3 months :s) it has been this way and is not painful but is solid, but I cannot tell whether it is a lump or just a vein, tube or my emphidermis. It seems not to be there when I move my testicle down a bit away from the various tubes. Also another cause for concern, is that my right testicle is larger than the left, nearly twice as big but again as far as I remember, I remember it being this way and the left drops lower than the right. But looking in the mirror the testicles look similar in size but feel like there is a larger difference, I don't know if that is just my own misconceptions or what.

Also a perhaps unrelated issue, my erection seems to curve now more than usual, but feels no different. I have always had the curve to the left, but it seems a lot more noticable now than previously.

I apologise for the great wall of china in text but I am getting increasingly worried about it, I am about to make a new appointment with my doctor, but it's hard to get all of this information to him. I am hoping someone here has past experiences of this and perhaps be able to shed some light on what is going on here.


- Dan