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I am on my last leg.


Around three months ago I had a horrible UTI. The doctor put me on Cipro without doing a culture test since Cipro takes care of almost all UTI's in men. I knew it was a UTI because it burned VERY bad to urinate, and when I took my morning pee, it was so damn awful I had to dunk my penis in cold water. I stayed well hydrated to keep my urine white, as it still hurt very bad, but it was more tolerable.

I took took my Cipro as requested, and noticed no signs of improvement after a week. I had a culture test set up two days later, around the time my UTI actually started to feel better. Around this time, my groin and testicles started to hurt very badly.

My urine test came back clean, with no signs of anything. Around this time, my right testicle came up closer to my body to the point where it's in the middle of my scrotum and I have to search for it to find it. It is not in my abdomen, it is simply in the middle of my scrotum. It has stayed this way for well over two months.

A few days later, a very obnoxious dark-purple vein became visible in the middle of my scrotum. on the right side I went to the Urologist, they set me up for an ultrasound. My groin hurt for several days, to the point where I had to have support to even wear a seatbelt. My Ultrasound came back with "No issues at all", which kind of shocked me.

Anyway, fast forward to today. It hurts very badly to stand on my feet for long periods of time. Twelve hour shifts at work are god awful on my testicles and I almost feel like I can't get through the day. I've switched from boxers to briefs to keep my testicles elevated. My testicle is still in the middle of my scrotum, and the dark vein seems to be getting larger, and expanding. It is not placebo, as I am noticing far more veins branching off from the initial one. Masturbating or not masturbating is not effecting the veins at all, as I went thrree days without ejaculation and it actually got worse.

Ejaculation seems to make the pain symptoms worse, although if I don't ejaculate there seems to be some type of buldup that REALLY hurts. It's like a dull ache that never goes away. Kind of hard to explain. I've been on Amox 500-125 and another painkiller medication which I cannot remember the name of. The only thing that has seemed effective, and I told my doctor this, is when I took my girlfriends 875MB of Amoxicillan twice a day for two weeks. I had pain relief for two weeks after I stopped taking it. They don't seem to care, though.

I'm tired of spending $400 every time I go to the urologist because they keep making me do tests and then say nothing is wrong. The doctor is switching my medications every month and it hasn't been helping at all. I don't know what to do. What does this sound like to you ?


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Hey there I'm sorry to hear about what you are dealing with it sounds to me like you may have an infection in your testicles or epididymis. Have you had your semen cultured?


I'd have my semen tested for infections and also have exploratory surgery on the scrotum to open it up and check where the testicle is hung up wrong half way up the sack and where the dark purple vein is located. Once they cut open the scrotum to see what is really going on inside with the stuck nut and big veins, they should be able to fix it.