Hi, i'm 20, sexually active, never had any serious illness or something of the sort. I had an undescended testicle (the right one), i had surgery when i was around 11 or 12, since then everything has been cool with it. A week or so ago i noticed a dull pain, or not really pain, just weird discomfort in my right testicle and lower abdomen and also the leg (i don't really know what this part of the body is called in english, but it's basically the part of the leg that's closest to the testicles and the abdomen, if it makes any sense). The ache is usually there during some part of the day, mostly when i'm in school. It isn't there in the morning (i masturbate before going to sleep, thought i'd mention it in case it has something to do with it) then just comes around noon or in the afternoon, then comes and goes until i go to bed. I tried feeling for lumps, there isn't anything there, the left and right testicle are basically the same to the touch (except the left is larger due to the right being undescended for a while) etc etc. So, can anyone please help me?