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Hello i'm a 16 year old girl.
A month ago, i had sex with my Boyfriend and before sex i needed to urinate, and so i did. 10 minutes after, i had the urge i needed to again, but when i went to urinate, i got a burning pressure inside my bladder, which stung in the last few seconds of urinating, and then afterwards, i kept having the urge to urinate again.

I went to my doctors and got given Trimethoprim and i also gave in a urine sample for a UTI. I took the course of anti-biotics, and my symptoms stopped, but as soon as i came off them, 2 days after my symptoms were all back. I phoned the doctors for my urine test results, and they came back clear.

I got another appointment, and prescribed with more anti-biotics, which were Nitrofurantoin. Again, i took the course but i stopped after 4-5 days of taking them (I shouldn't have i know) but i thought whatever was wrong, cleared up, since my symptoms stopped again.

That night i had sex again with my boyfriend, unprotected (i am on the pill, have been since 13, but anti-biotics cancel out your pill, and he didn't ejaculate inside me, but i know pre-cum can cause pregnancy) i had been off the anti-biotics again about 2 days, and that night i suffered with pain and i even got bleeding with it.

I went back on the course of anti-biotics and visited my doctors again, i did another urine sample, and she did the stick in the urine, and it came back clear. She said to just stick with my anti-biotics 'til my course ends.

My last course is tomorrow, and i know that as soon as it stops, my symptoms are gonna be all back, and i don't want to have the pain again, and anti-biotics only take the pain away, they don't treat the problem.

My doctors appointment is Friday again, but i'm just scared they won't be able to treat me, and cannot find out what is wrong.

As side notes, i suffer from IBS, i do not know if this is linked somehow?
I don't get any pain when having sexual intercourse, nor does the pain get worse when i go to urinate while im on the anti-biotics.
Also, is there any chance i could be pregnant?
What other tests should i get carried out?
I really need help, any help is great and much appreciated.



It sounds like you have Interstitial Cystitis. This is when it is very painful to urinate and it feels like you have to go a lot but the urine tests come back normal because this is not an infection. It's more of an inflammation. I have it so bad that I take Vicodin everyday and I even had to get an implant to control the pain and urgency. This is a life long condition and very debilitating but it usually can be controlled with medication. Sometimes it can be hard to diagnose because it mimics a urinary tract infection. Doctors usually have to do a cystoscopy to diagnose interstitial cystits. I advise you to see a urologist.


Thankyou so much for your reply, could i get Vicodin from my local pharmacy and does it help? I have the doctors on Friday, do you think i should bring up that i think i may have Interstitial Cystitis?

Thankyou again so much!


You're welcome and yes I think you should bring up to your doctor about you possibly having Interstitial Cystitis. If your urine sample is coming back normal I'm almost positive this is what you have. I went through the same thing. If you are in a lot of pain and over the counter meds don't help make sure you tell your doctor that. I'm sure they will prescribe you something stronger. Vicodin has helped me so much. I can get through the day and live a normal life because of it. Your pharmacy should have it but you need a prescription from your doctor in order to get it because it's a controlled substance. I hope you get this figured out soon! :)


I was suppose to go to the Doctors today, but my symptoms have all stopped suddenly and there would be no reason to go, but ive read up that this can happen with Interstitial Cystitis, and months later i can get it back, so if i get the symptoms again, ill get checked out for it, thankyou again :)!