I am 28 and I know how you feel. I have had painful intercoarse, burning urethra, and bladder uregency/pain for almost 2 years. I have had 2 cystoscopys - not IC, a laproscopy - not endometrosis, MRI;s- not pelvic congestion syndrome, pudendal nerveblock- made bladder hurt more for 2 weeks after, localized nerve blocks- no change. I have tried over 25 different meds to try to find a diagnosis or some relief with no luck. The uologist refers me to the gynocologist and the gyno refers me to the uro. I just go in circles. I have seen 3 uros and 2 gynos, and a neurologist. They now think I could be either mucles so I may start biofeedback or a nerve problem. I have not had the nessary tests for urethral diverticulum and and trying to get this done too. Does anyone know what this is?