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my mom had a stroke a few years ago and since then she is getting bad pain in her left foot , she also gets pins and needles and a stinging sensation which she says feels like nettle rash, the pain now shoots from her foot into the right side of her back, please could you explain what this might be , thanks so much, christine


Hello there Christine,

Usually consequences of the stroke are much more severe so in one hand your mother is among the lucky ones who are able to speak and take care of themselves when the basic physical needs are in question. Pain and tingling sensation could be the consequence of the stroke but it would be best to see with her doctor why this is not stopping.

Is she on some kind of therapy or no? if she is taking some medications it could easily happen that she needs another treatment option. I hope that you will resolve this problem soon and that your mother is going to be just fine. Good luck and keep us posted about further events.