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For the last 2 weeks now my three little toes on my left foot have had a pins in needles feeling, or a fallen asleep feeling. I don't know what it could be.

Started a new Job that I am on my feet for over 8 hours long, in hard floors, and thats when it started.. if that helps.


Hello there PhillyJoe,

Well I presume that you have problems with your new footwear. Maybe it would be smart to try to change the shoes you are currently wearing just to check if you will continue to feel pins and needles and numbness in your toes.

Of course you need to wear something that is comfortable to prove this theory. It the symptoms continue after you change the shoes than you have some problems with your nervous system and you will have to visit your doctor. I presume that he will tell you to do all sort of tests to find out what is causing this problem in your case. I hope that you will resolve your problem soon.