Please HELP! Symptoms: -- Dull to sharp pain when applying pressure to ribs under breast. This may have happened before and I shrugged it off. -- Painless popping sensation directly under right rib. Like something move able is there and is popping like a bottle cap when I press on it. Now that I notice it I realize it may have been that way for a while due to a popping sensation when moving which I dismissed. -- Pain in center chest when I move certain ways lasts about a second and hard to recreate but doesn't feel heart related. I have had this sensation off and on for years but thought little of it and now feel like an id**t. Additional information that could be related: -- Many years ago I was over exerting myself clearly and pulled a muscle in my right side. I never went to the doctor and it took a while to heal and it comes back every so often when I perform poor lifting habits but always eventually goes away. -- I had a dirt bike wreck this year and landed on my right side which caused my right rib to feel sore. 2 weeks later I got the flu and my right side was painful when I coughed but someone close to me also got the flu at the same time so I figured that was probably unrelated and figured the pain was from the bike wreck 2 weeks earlier. -- My right rib seems to be lower than my left. My sternum definitely seems to pop out more than normal and favors the left side. No pain in the immediate area though. -- Not sure if this relates but my eyes often feel dry some days worse than others but I have always spent many hours each day sitting in front of brightly lit screens. Any help would be greatly appreciated!