in 1997 had galbladder removed, 2001 had a 9.4 baby with a c section at the time of the c section was told a couple weeks after that i had some broken ribs and pulled muscle of my rib cage. had problems for years of muscle spasms. Now about a year ago i felt a uncomfortable lying on my right side. a couple of months ago I was exercising really hard and got a lot of pain in that area. but this time I could not move and it hurt really bad to touch that area. went to the doctor and he put me on some meds. now sometimes I feel better and sometimes it hurts specialty when I execerise it feels better but after the next day I am sore again. I am overweight and I am now riding my bike up to hour each time. when I sit for long times it seems to bother the area. I am still scared it might be something serious.