Hi . I was trying to retrieve something from my tall recycle bin. As it is tall I have to dive or bent really low to reach what I wanted to get. I reached in with my right arm and bend over. The edge of the bin was touching the area right below my right breast. I am not sure if it was the rubbing of my bra wire on the edge as I was trying to reach in so deeply, I heard a little rattle noise and felt extreme pain on that area. It was very painful I thought I may have crack a rib bone or pull a muscle. It has been three days now and I am feeling pain in exerting my right arm and twisting my waist. Sharp pain when I try to take deep breath. It hurts me even with gesture like snapping in my car seat belt. Do you think my symptom indicate a crack or bruise or muscle pull? I do not have health insurance. I hope to have your advise if I could just take it easy and let it heal over time. Thanking you in advance. Regards, STW