Ok, so I'm dealing with a number of issues relating to the penis area.
Any advice would be very much appreciated.
First of all I'm 17 and I've always struggled retracting my foreskin while erect. I am able to retract it but it must always be done slowly and is always painful which ever way I manage to do it.

Secondly I have an over-abundance of what I believe to be Fordyce spots. I wouldn't be worrying about this normally but my case seems to be out of the ordinary. The spots have been gaining in numbers and sizes, and over the last few months have been spreading right up the sides and underside of my penis getting very close to the tip.
Hair is now growing from both sides of my penis right up to my foreskin.
Also, the inside of my foreskin is dotted with white spots which look nothing like my fordyce spots. I'm curious as of to what this is.

And what has alarmed me most of all is a small and painful lump which has just developed on the area of scrotum connected to the penis
(the underside of my penis near to the testicles).

About a month ago that section of my penis had become really itchy, and very stupidly I cut myself with scissors while trying to shave pubic hair.
I didn't bleed much at all but would infection be something to consider??
Last night I managed to squeeze pus out of the lump.

Can anyone help me?? I'm really don't know what to and am beginning to get worried.

I'm really trying to avoid visiting a doctor, I've never gone before by myself and am not sure of what I would need to bring with me.