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For the background , I'm 23 years old Indian male and have never indulged in any type of sexual relations ever. I'm sexually healthy and enjoy masturbation just like normal healthy sexually active male.

The problem is that when i was 15-16 years old ,an small bump has started to develop on the left side of my penis foreskin . Being an kid at that time i have no knowledge what it could be and didn't go to the the doctor that time thinking it's normal.

I continued enjoying masturbation and there were times when i did quite rough masturbation and wasn't introduced to the lubricants. So this single bump after so many years has no transformed into pinkish color patches on the left side of penis foreskin accompanied with some flesh colored soft bumps. Earlier it used to itch so i did rubbed it , which may be the reason patches are there now.

But Now , these bumps and patches doesn't itch , hurt or burn at all. It's just stay like normal skin on penis and i don't have any problem with this during masturbation or urination either.

I have searched whole internet and have found many new strange diseases so i am really not sure what it is as I've not been to any dermatologist or skin specialist so far and was thinking why not ask this question here and may be i can get solution without going to doctor at all.

So what could it be ? molluscum contagiosum or inverse psoriasis or Lichen Nitidus or Fordyce Spots or genital warts or yeast infection ?

I'm not sure or don't know. Please help me with it as i can't share this problem with anyone and quite embarrassed due to this.

Even if you don't know exactly what it is i can provide more pics for better view , please atleast let me know if it's dangerous or not or if it is normal ? I don't want to live with this burden :(

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I'm waiting for reply from 2 days,Please anybody see the pics and let me know what it is ?

IF it is

penile psoriasis


lichen planus/nitidus ?



anybody could plz help ?


Hey people i request you to please look for my problem too, Please help me with this problem. Sill nobody has seen the pics and suggested me what it is ?