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Alright so I am a young adult. I think I have an STD that I got from a parent as I am still a virgin. I only have one really noticeable symptom. I have little bumps on the penis and testicles and on the upper leg close to the penis. The ones on my legs are noticeable all the time. However the ones on my penis are less noticeable when it is limp. My whole penis is not covered in bumps however it is mainly at the start of the penis. Sometimes the bumps get a whitehead looking thing on them. There are a few on the foreskin. I need help. Plz tell me what I have and if it's treatable.


It could be fordyce spots. Can you do a google search for me and let me know if were on the right track.

Also, its not worth giving out your email address on a site like this. If anyone emails you asking for pictures, it is best not to send them.