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So last month I had my wisdom teeth out. Now my bottom gum, where a wisdom tooth was, was a huge bump and appeared to be growing over my back molar. It popped on it's own today, and is pussing a greenish yellow fluid like thing. It also has a tint of blood in it as well. My cheek is swollen, my jaw won't open very wide, and I just don't know what to do. The taste is horrible. Any clue as to what it may be? I plan to call my dentist tomorrow, as it is a sunday. I also have nausea with it. HELP!


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Hey brandi. You have a draining abcess or what may be known as a dry socket. It is an infection from where you got ur wisdome tooth out. See ur dentist he will probably give you a disinfecting/antibiotic flush and oral antibiotics.... hope this helps