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On my front tooth and the one next to it, there are bumps on the gums.  They're no bigger than the head of a pin.  It hurts when I excessively move my lower lip.  Only one hurts when pressure is applied.  They're sort of a whiteish-pink color, barely noticeable unless I get very close to a mirror.  I brush my teeth every day, but I am guilty of skipping the floss. :-| 

Could this be a serious infection?  Would it involve my dentist poking me with needles and such to remove it?  Because I have a tendacy to sort of... ahem... break down in tears when a medical authority approaches me with a needle. :-|

I have an appointment with my dentist in several days.  Should I still mention it if the pain goes away?  What are the chances of this being something harmless that'll go away soon with proper dental care?


Most people will probably say you have abscess. Here is more about it here:
But honestly, from my experience, I would kinda say it was a cavity.
A few years ago, I noticed these weird small bumps (two of them) in my gums, one either side of my mouth, both on the top of my mouth. They were pale pink - pink, kinda the same colour as my gum, except a little lighter.
I went to the dentist and it turned out I had two bad cavities, so bad that I had to have the teeth taken out (my new ones were going to grow anyways, the ones the dentist took out were milk teeth, i was a teenager).