i TOO experienced the same symptoms on the bridge of my nose. It was so strange how it just felt sore out of the blue! It was a Friday night and I didn't feel it until about 7:00pm and all at once I felt like the bridge of my nose was bruised, like I was hit with a baseball bat...it was SO PAINFUL! By later that evening it got real red, swollen and even more painful. The first night I tried taking one antibiotic that I had left, a multi vitamin, Motrin and a cold compress. The next morning I woke, it was just alittle tender. I put makeup on, as it was my grandfathers 90th bday party and I was NOT going to miss that! My makeup covered it pretty well but my late afternoon it was beat red again and even more painful-causing me to start getting a headache. I woke up today, Sunday, and  it was super sore and the pain had moved up my nose alittle. All the same symptoms as I had been having, redness, swollen and OMG the pain! I decided to go to an Urgent Care. Yep they diagnosed it as Nasal Cellulitis. They checked for any abrasions, insect bites but nothing. For me, I just seemed to get it out of the blue. They put me on an antibiotic (oral, as the NP said this was beyond cream) now taking Motrin for the pain & Swelling and warm compresses. She did state that it may get worse before better but to give it a couple days with antibiotics. I just wanted to add to this forum for people that need help on what is happening to their skin if inflamed, painful, warm to touch! Because I had no scrapes, bites or abrasions and because it was on the outside of my nose and not inside it was very alarming to me not a lot of info on the internet. 

Good luck and if you experience any of these symptoms see your Dr right away as it can be dangerous if not treated! God Bless!!