This morning a painless water blister appeared on my thigh. I was concerned, so I got up put a bandaid on it and went to the dr. Showed him and he didn't look surprised or dismayed about it. I asked for a test, I wanted a blood one too, but he agreed to culture the water blister and also my urethra (to be safe). I thought it might be HSV antibodies. I am in a monogamous relationship, but I wanted to be sure. We've always used condoms as well. She did test, as a false positive to HSV, but it was so low, the dr told her not to concern herself with it. She then want to an infectious disease dr, she said the same. She then went to a GP, and said similar. None of them told her to concern herself nor put her on meds to suppress anything. They all said the HSV antibodies was a false positive because of the shingles outbreak she had when she was younger. Nonetheless, he checked out my genitals and said nothing is there. I think he thought I was a bit crazy to ask of this, but I was (and still am) scared. No pain to the touch of the blister now or after it was popped. Slight pain to when he popped it, no pain after. There was a slight trace of blood inside. Very slight. Most likely due to the needle he used. No rash before. No itching before. No muscle cramping. No pelvic or back pain. No headache. Nothing else. I took a look at the blister, it hard to see, even though it is the size of a dime, but deflated with red right under the scab.