Hello there, hope your all well and blessed, I'd like to thank you guys for sharing your stories, I myself have been going thru panic attacks for 3years, I've seen doctors and no one could detect what was wrong, as a christian, I thought what I was going through was an incision, perhaps I'm dying, I'd have an episode and start praying and interceding, it would stop for a week or so, but within that week I would develop a fear of having another attack, if not, I'd be concerned about why I'm not having an attack, if I'm happy I'd worry that I'm maybe dying, so now I've developed a phobia Thanataphobia, its become so bad that I can't enjoy time with loved ones, I dread going to work, I feel like I'm losing my mind, even my relationship has been affected, I get tired, I'm scared of sleeping cos I'm scared ill get an attck while I'm asleep, which has happened b4, but I've been on meds for almost two weeks, zopax, its calmed me down, but the thoughts are still there, but reading all this has helped, thank you... I hope I fully recover.