1. I think that they are causing serious problems, they are not on the rim of my penis like the majority of people who have them. But they are alll over my glans except for the very tip and sides of my glans, and where they are I can't feel any pleasure at all. I can feel pain and I can feel it if I just touch it but the pleasure is gone I can't feel masturbation OR sex in that area, and to add on to this problem it looks horrible. It looks rough. I am sure that they are Pearly Penile Papules because I went to a Dermatologist and she took a skin biopsy. Anyways, nobody takes me seriously when I say that I can't feel pleasure in that area, but I don't know what else to do. Most people complain of the way Pearly Penile Papules looks and yeah it doesn't look good but I really wouldn't care about them if it wouldn't mess with my sexual