hi so my boyfriend is 22 and he said for the last 3 years he randomly gets bumps that looks exactly like pearly penile papules, he said there is no pain what so ever, they don't look like herpes bumps (not open sores/watts) like I said, no pain at all. but the tip of his penis, like the inside maybe like 1cm in, he gets an itch. Could this be PPP with male thrush? (Yeast infection) we've had unprotected sex a lot and I've never had any bumps or lesions or anything on my vagina. I am diabetic so I contract yeast infections very quickly if my blood sugar spikes. SOMEONE HELP ME THINK OF WHAT THIS IS. We're going to get checked for an STD but it doesn't sound like one to me if there's no open sores or pain or discharge or anything.