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I have had troubles and concerns recently about my penis when I discovered that the foreskin is supposed to retract when the penis is erect, however my penis doesn't do this and it is extremely painful if I try force the foreskin down. I've also had trouble with my foreskin connected to the bottom of the head of the penis but I pulled them apart to expose the bottom of the penis, it did hurt for 2-3 days and after the pain went away white dots that I found to be called pearly penile papules have appeared on the head. I'm 14 years old and worried that both of these problems could affect my future sex life.


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Hi, not all foreskins will pull back when the penis is erect it just depends if you have a long or short foreskin and even a short foreskin doesn't retract completely on its own it will just normally retract to expose the front of the glands. To me it sounds like your trying to force it to fast if it hurts when your trying to retract it, firstly I would suggest you get some baby oil or baby lotion (oil is best) then twice a day morning an night's after a bath or shower massage it into your foreskin this will help to soften the skin and make it stretch easier, after doing that for a week there are several ways to start stretching your foreskin opening you can pull it back when your erect to the point it's stretching but not painful and hold it there for a minute or so repeated several times preferable a couple times a day and you should notice it get easier after a month or you can stretch the opening by inserting your two little fingers in the opening of your foreskin and pull apart and holding the same as the other method. As for the spots they are nothing to worry about as all teens get them both male an female during puberty.

If you require any more help/info feel free to ask or if you would rather do it privately make an account and send me a private message.

Hope this helps :)