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Okay, I have a question

I am uncircumsized male, 16, virgin, and i have a question

I've never really 'noticed' them..
bit i have quite a few noticable pearly penile papules on the corona of my penis

idk if it's okay for me to post a picture, as i haven't read the rules, but if i can please say yes or no and i would like to know if they are common and also if they can be covered up or anything

thank you


If by corona you mean the bottem of the HEAD......

They are common. I have not heard of any uncut boys who DO NOT have them. I have them myself. I am 22 now and they are still there. Never have caused any discomfort, nor have they worsened, nor lessened.

I wouldn't worry about them. Girls don't say anything about them and in my life i've gotten all the pleasure you wish to have in your life.

When you eventually go for that CHECK UP with the doc, where he/she grabs your balls and makes you cough... ask the doc if there is a way to get rid of them (spite surgery :-( ) if they bother you.

Anyway, hope this helps you out. I wouldn't post a picture. I doubt it's legal. Just keep your snake clean, wash the skin inside and out and polish the head with mild soap in your shower and you'll be a oh k!