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what do i have if i have spots on my penis and lips there not blisters i dont think


It is hard to say what these could be since you didn’t describe the spots.

If the spots you have on your penis and your lips are the same and look like little white needle pins that can’t be squeezed, then you probably have Fordyce spots.

I have them on my lips as well, on both lips but luckily I don’t have any on my penis.
These are formations of oil glands and one cannot get rid of them unless undergoing some kind of radical procedure that is not needed at all.

These little bumps may spread. It did happen to me. At first I had just a few, but now they are all over my lips. It is annoying but I learned to live with them since there is nothing I can do about them.

However, if your bumps occurred after an unprotected oral and vaginal intercourse, you should see a doctor. They could be herpes as well or HPV and in that case, they would be contagious.