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burns when i urinate and there are little bumps on the head of the penis
and when urine gets on them they burn been happening for about two weeks is this herps


It depends on what kind of bumps these are. If they look like blisters, then they are certainly herpes. Genital herpes can cause burning during urination. Genital herpes appears in form of blisters filled with clear liquid that may ooze but would after a few days become crusty.

However, certain ulcers especially those caused by syphilis could also burn during urination.

Considering they are itchy, I suppose it is genital herpes but the only way to know for sure is to see a doc, so that you could be properly diagnosed.

There could be other causes of course and in that case, the burning and the bumps would not be associated. For example, if you have developed bumps that are so small, skin colored, look like pin heads and are situated on the corona (the raised ridge on a penis that separates the glans from the shaft) of the penis, these could be Fordyce spots, which are considered to be normal. The burning would be then atrubuted to bacterial infection and you would need a doc anyway to help you get rid of the infection, so that it wouldn’t progress and cause more trouble.

So, see an urologist.