Hi all,

For a few years now, ever since i was virgin i started to have problems masturbating. It seemed to really burn and afterwards the penis would be sore (in appearance too). Also one of my testicle would slightly swell. It never hurt but i could feel its presence.

It never really was that much of a problem because i switched to an oil to masturbate so i just forgot about it.

Over a few months now (no longer a virgin) this soreness and swelling of the testicles happen when i have sex or use the oil. I seem to have lots of tiny skincoloured spots on the underside of the penis.

My one and only partner was tested for STI's awhile ago and she was clean.

The soreness and swelling seem to fade over a few days of not having intercourse but as soon as i have intercourse it immediately comes back.

I'm gonna go the doctors about it but thought someone could give me some suggestions here.