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I am 21 year old,
my penis foreskin at the bottom of penis head it is attached.
so, when i try to stretch the foreskin back while masturbation occurs, it is not going back... just holding tightly at the bottom .

is there anyway to resolve this?

i don't have any sex with anybody yet. I just use it to shake.
I notice this problem , when i look up the penis in videos sites and my friends penis.
Others don't seem to have this problem.

Will the foreskin loosen when i doing my first sex? or i need treatment for it ?


Thanks for writing.
I take it from your note that you are concerned that you still have a connecting strip of skin at the base of the foreskin to the glans or head. You want to know if this will be a problem.

At your age, 21, you're to the point where most of your development is complete, and so it is not likely that there will be any more growth or serious sexual development occuring.

Therefore, I would urge you to make an appointment with your regular doctor to discuss this. Don't worry, he's seen it all.

The fact that your foreskin will not retract completely due to this "bridge" of skin make you concerned, and there may be a little snip necessary. However, you must discuss this with your doctor before doing anything as there are several nerve impacts that could result. In short, DON'T ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF! You need a professional opinion and experienced surgical hands to assist you.

Therefore, make an appointment, or bring this up at your next doctor's visit.

And, don't worry about it. Lots of men have faces this and they've all come to enjoy sex and have children.