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Many women want to increase their hips and glutes in order to look more attractive. Glutes can be easily increased by exercises, but with hips things are a bit different. Here we discuss the possible solutions for this problem.

Increasing Hip Width

The width of your hips is defined by pelvic bone structures. Pelvic bones are merged together during fetal development, so there is no way to change the actual position of the pelvic bones. A similar situation applies to shoulder width, but you can increase your shoulders by building deltoid muscles. What makes the situation with hips even worse is that there are not many muscles that can be built in order to make the hips look wider.

A possible solution for this problem is to concentrate on two muscles called m. gluteus medius and m. gluteus minimus. These muscles are primarily in the gluteal area, but have attachments to the bones on lateral side of the hips. Look online for an exercise called side lunge. This exercise must be performed carefully, especially if using weight, because it can cause spine damage. As you want to significantly increase these muscles, it might not be enough to just exercise. Proper nutrition with a high protein diet is needed and you can include some supplements.

Fat And Hip Width

These exercises can give you a look close to what you want, but you need to do them all the time in order to keep in shape. The only thing that can substantially increase your hip width is not muscles but fat. In women, fat is normally distributed around the hip and gluteal area. So if you are very skinny, try to put on some weight and the problem might be solved.

Bottom line, if your hips are constitutionally narrow, you cannot increase them significantly and remain skinny at the same time.

Increasing Glutes

If your goal is to increase your glutes, then good news! Glutes can be perfectly shaped by exercises. For this purpose you need to target the three main muscles in the gluteal area: m. gluteus maximus, m. gluteus medius, and m. gluteus minimus. This is a big muscle group, so different exercises can affect the look significantly. You can do butt bridge, squats, flutter kicks, leg lift, and lots of other exercises that target these muscles. Of course you need to work out every day which takes a lot of effort, but the time will not be wasted when you see the results.

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