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Jacelyn previously wanted to know more about this arthrotic drug called PEPTAGEN. My wife has had experience with it, taking it for over 2 years for her arthritis, which was very bad before...unabling her to even walk due to sore knees. But this drug whichi is approved for use in Europe, but not in North America yet, is absolutely wonderful. It does the job quickly and without any deleterious side effects! Each injection will last up to 6 months, depending on the severity of the ailment. It should be injected by a nurse or medical person. It removes the pain by working on the immune system. IT IS PERFECTLY SAFE AND RECOMMENDED.



How can I find it? I took it 8 yrs ago and it put my Lupus in remission for 6 years. Now it is back and worse than ever. Please contact me with any info on how to find it. ***

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