I am 47 and had my tubes tied in 1994, after the birth of my last child(#5). In 2000, I had a very large, submucosal fibroid which pushed through my cervical os and caused severe bleeding (had to have a couple of micro-transfusions).
The same thing is happening, again, and my options are hysterectomy or fibroid embolization.
I am allergic to sulpha drugs and cannot take ferrous sulfate. I am becoming increasingly anemic and weak.
My questions are:
1) Since I have already had a tubal ligation, would a hysterectomy be a better choice for me than the embolization?

2) Also, my pap & endometrial biopsy were negative, but I am experiencing bowel changes, too. Could something have been missed on either test? I just don't feel right. Further, my doctors have determined that I AM NOT pre-menopausal.

3) I have to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy due to a positive hema occult and was wondering if there is any risk of severe uterine bleeding from the pressure associated with the colonoscopy. So, should I have the hysterectomy or fibroid embolization before the colonoscopy or does it not matter? My father died of colon cancer in 1996, so I am quite concerned. I am one of four children and have been a moderately heavy smoker for about 15 years...still trying to quit.

Thank you for your time and assistance with my concerns.