I am 30 years old and have my period for 15 years. Since the beginning I have used Tampons. I am concerned because for the past 6-9+ months, it seems I will begin my menstral cycle with brown discoloration when wiping. I will then start using tampons for the actual bleeding. However, after 1-2 days of a heavy flow, my period actually stops. Why would my period stop while using tampons? Is there any potential reasoning for this without having to see a doctor? Also, I have a curiousity regarding the actual start date of a period.... (please note that I do not "keep track" of "starting/stopping") When I begin my period, as stated before, I will have brown discoloration when starting and at that time I begin using a tampon... Is this the actual "beginning" of my menstral cycle, or is it when the full bleeding occurs that I would consider that the "beginning" of my cycle?