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Well I've been reading a lot on this implantation bleeding & it seems like I may be experiencing it. Anyways, let me introduce myself, my name is Dawn & i'm sixteen years old. My last period was February 1st & I normally have a regular 28 day cycle, so I'm technically not due til the 29th of this month. Well on the 23rd of this month, exactly a week before I was normally supposed to start, I starting bleeding, not heavy like usual & it's not a red as it usually is, actually it's not even red, at all. Between the 11th & 21st of this month, everyday me & my boyfriend had unprotected sex, more than one time a day too. I know for a fact he only came in me once but he had a big problem with pre-cum. & I had to of been ovulated during that time. Anyways, this so-called-period that I'm experiencing right now is definitely a lot lighter. How to explain it though? It started off like a normal period, then quickly it got really light. I went from a bright red, to a pink now it's just a brown spotting & this is my third day of my "period" & normally it last five days. I used one tampon & one pad [neither had barely anything on it] so far, & usually I'm going through atleast two-three tampons a day. I mean I'm not even using one now, I only see the brownish/red blood when I wipe. I've had a period every month since I was thirteen years old & never once has this happend. & I did notice this bleeding I'm experiencing comes & goes. I can't say my nipples are sore or my boobs hurt cause they don't which is another unusual thing for me, usually during my period I have sore breasts, they do seem a tad bit bigger though. I have been peeing alot lately, - & I just went pee for the second time in a hour, & when I wiped the blood was very VERY faint, couldn't even tell it was there, barely. I've been eating alot lately too, these past couple of days. & another thing when I have my period I have a lot of clots, this time I've seen maybe one clot. That's it. & my cramps I've been experiencing don't even feel like menstrual cramps at all. I have very mild headaches, & little "twinges" in my lower abdomen. Now that I think about it I have felt ALITTLE nauseated & feel more tired than usual. Been burping alot too, & I believe I forgot to mention I've never been on birth-control. I'm just really confused. & by the way, now when I wipe I have nothing. This just isn't normal for me.



There is a very high chance that you are pregnant. Having unprotected sex during your most fertile period is very silly. There is no point taking a preganacy test until after the date tha your period is due. I hope everything works out for you though.