So Im 24, have 2 kids already with my husband, we're not totally trying for another, but at the same time not trying to really prevent it. My LMP was Feb. 4, 2010 and was regular...lasted about 5 days. We had sex on the 10th with a condom and 11th was unprotected, but he also pulled out(I know its not reliable) and I'm pretty sure I ovulate on the 17th-19th. We had sex again on March 2, 2010 without a condom and he pulled out. Here it is March 4th my next period is due and nothing. The past 2-3 wks I have been feeling very nauseous, had a nonstop headache, extra moody, bloated, not able to eat much....I feel full after a few bites of food. I had cramps on and off pretty bad at times but the cramps were 2 wks BEFORE my period was even due. Should I take a pregnancy test or what??? What are the chances I am really pregnant again?