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I have had protected sex(using a condom) since my last miscarriage as I told my husband I was not emotionally ready for a baby. The condom never did break off or slip during intercourse, but he has used the same condom repeatedly for many acts of intercourse(like 7 times) on the same day ! There was also a day when he was rubbing his penis against my vagina. I dont remember if he was dry or had pre-ejaculation.

I got my last period on 18th and it lasted for about 4-5days. It was normal enough. I started suspecting my body showing signs of pregnancy about 2 days after my period ended.

The symptoms I am showing are :

1. Feeling tired. I always want to sleep. Sometimes I feel to come back early from work to just sleep.

2. Lot of cervical discharge. I have been getting blobs of cervical mucus and its milky. Last night I thought I got my AF because my undies were so wet, when I checked, it was cervical mucus !! (Sorry if its too gross)

3. Face and hands are breaking out as if its winter.

4. About 3 days ago, I had food in my throat and I felt dizzy for two continuous evenings. Felt so nauseated that food came to my throat and I had to gulp it down.

5. I am generally a very strong-hearted woman but now I am tearful on almost everything !! Sometimes, very irritated.

6. I can see about 3 bumps on my areola of left breast very clearly and the outer ring of my areola (perimeter) is darkened.

I am waiting to test and thought would test this weekend. However I would be glad if soemone can tell me what are the odds of me being pregnant. Also I have never had PMS.


i know that my body changed ALOT after my miscarriage. i had pregnancy symptoms for a while. after my first period i thought i was pregnant again because of all my symptoms, but i wasn't. the hormones stay with you for a while.

after a miscarriage, your body is very fertile, but since you have been using protection, i don't think you have anything to worry about. although it's not impossible for you to be pregnant again. it's happened before.

i'm sorry about your loss, i know how much it hurts. and waiting to get pregnant again is wise. i don't think i was emotionally ready myself when i got pregnant with the child i am carrying now, but i wouldn't change it for the world. if you are pregnant again, congradulations. and if not, than that's okay too, and you'll be ready some day.