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I have been on my period for 9 days now and its still going, showing no signs of stopping. I'm normally on for 5 days at the most and this one is alot heavier than normal. I dont normally suffer from period pains but i have had a few recently and i have been having more headaches than normal aswell.

I am very worried about it to be honest because I am usually like clockwork when it comes to my time of the month. I have been to the doctors about it but she didnt seem to put my mind at rest, she said it was because I am young and this happens (I'm 17) but i really dont think this is normal. I dont know what to do because I am changing my tampons every two or three hours, my energy has all gone and its just taking it out of me. Normally being on a period doesnt bother me at all but this time its making me feel down, and i find myself getting stressed easily.

Any ideas on what I should do?

Thanks :-)


Look, it doesn't matter that you are young. You really have fully right to be concerned about this.

Do you have intercourse with your boyfriend? I am asking you this because this same situation happened to me and I had a miscarriage. That is why I was bleeding for 10 days I think. 

That is why it is very important to visit your gynecologist as soon as you can. If those period signs are present in that amount, you really should react and do something about it. It can be nothing, just simple disorder, but also it can mean a lot of different things.