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I've been on my period since November, AWESOME RIGHT? No. Anyway, I'll have a few days off here and there, but thats it. and it's really annoying. i HAVE been to a gyno. i AM ON birth control (3-4 ish months, obviously not working..). i'm 17. ultrasound revealed nothing abnormal. i have another appointment next month, but:

+Is this normal?
+Has it happened to you??
+Will it eventually, you know, stop?!
+Can this cause some kind of issue later in life (like not being able to have kids..?)


Not awesome at all! But wait, did this period start when you went on the birth control, or did you get the pills in order to regulate the cycle? Since there are no cysts or anything that would definitely show up on the ultrasound, I think that you are safe as far as your worries about the fertility are concerned. But, I think that you will get the new, hopefully successful, birth control pills on the next appointment - you simply shouldn't bleed for this long because it can lead to anemia and whatnot.