Hello, I am 21 years old and have been having a period for 6 weeks now. I have already had a vaginal ultrasound, on the stomach ultrasound, blood tests which ruled out PCOS, TSH levels are fine. Only thing they have found is that my progesterone level is .05 which is very low. I was at the gyn last time in June, but couldn't afford to keep going back. I just got married in April and we both want to conceive our first child soon. The gyn didn't act like it was a big deal, he gave me clomid in May, which is why I went back in June. That is how I found out my progesterone was low. I started Vitex, red raspberry tea, and another tea called Woman's Moon Cycle about a month ago hoping going the natural route would help. It hasn't yet, except to lighten my period from heavy palm sized clots to very little tiny clots that come with a normal period. My question is, has anyone ever used herbs or anything to help them finally regulate? Have you tried anything else that has helped? I am in desperate need to find a solution because it's driving me batty lol. Thank you to anyone that can help.