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:cry:I was diagnois with severe bladder retetion but I was told that a hysterectomy is something I would also need,but due to the bladder issue the surgery will not be done. Is this common?


You should really see a uro-gynocologyst and not just an ob-gyn when you are female and have both uterine and bladder issues.

My ob-gyn wouldn't dare do any surgery because of the compounding problems, but my uro-gyno did. She removed my severely prolapsed uterus with a hysterectomy (sparing the ovary), suspended the top of the vaginal vault with a mesh, and then put mesh between my prolapsed/protruding bladder and inside vaginal wall to support the bladder. She also performed the Burch procedure to rememdy some stress incontinence.

It's been over a year and couldn't be happier with the results of the hysterectomy and bladder procedure. The only exception is that I forgot that I couldn't lift heavy objects and have caused mild damage to the support between the bladder and inner vaginal wall. I have a slight cystocele again, but that was my fault. I can always get a bladder sling, but since my prolapse was so severe for a woman my age (30) with only having had two children vaginally, my urogyno wants me to wait a few years before getting more surgery-- so she can monitor the suspension and make adjustments if necessary.

I can also go to physical therapy to strengthen the pelvic floor because my muscles are so atrophied, and that might correct the bladder prolapse without surgery. Definitely get a second opinion-- and perhaps a woman surgeon if possible. I had access to the top urogyno docs at Wash U in St. Louis-- and they were all female-- so they understand at an emotional level what you are going through and will give you EVERY option you have to correct the situation, not just the one that is most convenient for the doctor.

Good luck.