I got a sore throat and my gp told me it is not serious 45 daysago. Week after i got bad cough. I was told it is mild throat infection. First i was prescribed antibiotics and ventolin evohaler for a ten days and it couldnt stop coughing.
Then i was told i could have bronhitis. Then i got syrup to cough out greenish stuff for a week, but it didnt stop my cough.

Than i got pinamomox caps 500mg for a week and then appeared very bad odure and my nose got running and bloked. When i went back to my gp said i have problem with sinuses and that could be a cause. I didn't have any headache. Then i got otrivine to use for a week and it has unbloked my nose but it keeps running sometimes., but bad breath is present now all the time. I noticed that people are noticing it and stay away from me in bus or internet caffee. I have some small pain in deep throat from time to time for a few seconds, but gp said its nothing there. Im not sure what it is.

I never had bad breath before and it worries me is it something more serious about my health. I could feel sometimes mild pain in both kidneys cause i found out that i have sand in it.